The Country of Ryudo

Ryudo Overview
Ryudo is an island kingdom, both geographically and cosmically. It has recently been opened to trade (somewhat forcibly) by the Salad Empire. Waypoints are gradually being opened that serve as ports to other realms. Some take place in the same plane; some don’t.
Ryudo is a constitutional monarchy with a democratically elected king. After the recent PR debacle involving the Salad Empire, the former opposition has finally triumphed and seeks to undo decades of navel-gazing and cultural stagnation.
There is a political oligarchy from which future monarchs are drawn. Social mobility is low, but increasing as Ryudo opens up more.
In this current political climate, college students are amongst the most valuable resource due to their hardiness and willingness to try new things. The government Ryudo has therefore partnered with several colleges and other organizations creating organizations such as the CC.
Ryudon culture is affable with a slight undercurrent of superiority and a missionary streak Many Ryudons are convinced that their recent embarrassment was a slight hiccup that will be corrected in a generation or two.
As such, the emergent trade of “Adventurer” is highly prized, and many would-be missionaries, businessmen, inventors, and hired muscle have begun to associate with one another. The CC is highly prized because it is viewed as a leg up in the field.

Humans, elves, eladrin, half-elves, dwarves, halflings. (Mostly the “classic” races.)


  • low levels of industrialization / arcane sciences are emergent
  • Precious / semiprecious metals are Ryudo’s main export (chiefly used in magical manufacturing in other planes)
  • since Ryudo only recently figured out these reagents were valuable, the ruling government is trying to limit foreign investment so that it can create a mining industry, then regulate it
    possible hook — figure out methods of mining
  • “Dragon fever” — longterm mining results in an obsession with treasure. It’s an awkward disease.

As Ryudons considered themselves the only culture in existence for centuries, and unified long ago, they’re open to suggestions on this front.

Most of the major flavors; the gods that represent tradition, order, and education are highly worshipped.

The Country of Ryudo

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