Ryud Awakenings

Session 2 -- Bowblades and Owlbears

After another helpful debrief with Dean Ratchet, the party found themselves dumped unceremoniously into an arcane jungle.



(Please forgive phonetic spellings that may not reflect the DM’s intention)

Dean Ratchett gathered Gregward, Haladin, Althaea, Rossi, and new corpsmate Thoros to brief them on a new mission. The deep jungle of Wundargore was regarded by the Dean to contain not only a collection of natural perils, but a potentially useful population of owlbears, a smaller but probably friendlier population of gnomes, and a ‘friend’ of Dean Ratchett’s to check in with.

The party teleported into the jungle, where their Books were customarily unhelpful. One scroll of Dowsing and some successful checks later, they came across the Dean’s friend, Shawshank, and his associate Z. Z., by stumbling into their owlbear trap. Shawshank proved to be a friendly and tolerant ally, Z. Z. proved to be an insufferable bore and an insufferable boor to boot, and the party proved to be the worst houseguests ever. Gregward — considered by many to be impolite, mildly autistic, and perhaps even a high-functioning sociopath — found himself shocked at the casual thefts and discussions of murder. One of the gnomes, Chomsky, was successfully framed for our thefts, if this how quickly we have fallen in our definition of ‘success’.

Erin, a gnome assistant, was goaded into rash action by the party’s arrival and Z. Z.‘s continued siege against her sanity. She fled one morning with Z. Z.’s family heirloom, The Bowblade, and her life was rightfully thought to be in peril. The party mounted a heroic rescue, fraught with danger and arcane lightning storms, but succeeded in both saving Erin from a beaky fate and learning of the owlbears’ potential use to Ryudo: their pellets, which are coughed up on a regular basis and especially when frightened, were found to contain powerful arcane raw materials.

An extraction and debriefing by the Dean followed, and the student adventurers laid their weary heads to rest. Thoros learned some valuable lessons in ROGUE 101, Thaea learned that Gregward isn’t always an insufferable ass, Starbuns (I’m sorry — her name is Rossi!) reflected on a job well done in the speedy treatment of hurt friends using her “healing herbs” and the power of song, Hal somehow managed to make it through the session without the cold-blooded murder of her hosts or their servants, and Gregward — after having worried for years about his future career — wonders for the first time if he should also begin considering his outright survival.

One L3 or below item of your choice (no magical artifacts.)
Magical Artifact: The BowBlade of Zamandar, enchanted by Dean Ratchet in thanks for discovering the the value of Owlbear pellets. (And by that, Zamandar would want me to add that it is enchanted so that non-members of the Zamandar family can gain access to its IMPRESSIVE ARCANE PROWESS. Not that he has any idea that you all have it.) Stats forthcoming.
One subdued Owlbear



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